Mid 1970s Font Identification

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I need help identifying a font from the mid 1970s.

The client would like to update packaging from the 70s and use this font.

Any guidance on what the name of this font is or where to start looking to find something similar would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Some of the swashes (particularly at the top of the 'S' were a manual alteration to whatever the original typeface was. But I can't find anything that matches even the basic letters. Some current fonts from the Victorian era with a possibly similar feel include:

Zinco (Solo) = Zinc Italian (Spiece Graphics) = Sevilla (Gophmann)

Hasta La Pasta NF (Nick Curtis) = Gramophone ITC = Sturbridge Twisted (Intecsas)

Cardinal (Steffmann) = Wedlock (Solo)

Filibuster (Nick Curtis)

Acadian (Scriptorium)

Raphael (Adobe)

Houghton (Many sources) = Edisson = Edison = Edison Swirl = Potsdam

Koster, Nymphic, Templar (Solo)

and more

- Herb

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Hi Herb,

Thank you for your thoughts and font suggestions.

I've gone through some of your font suggestions to see if I can find a match. But I'm now wondering if the logo was hand drawn or maybe a combination of a standard font with hand drawing on top.

My investigations will continue.

Thank you,


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