60's-era, flared-serif, display face

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Sort of Albertus meets a Michael Harvey face (Ellington, Strayhorn). These letters are in bad repair. Is this a font or custom lettering? Smaller image below. See large image at http://loose-oddities.posterous.com/my-favorite-lettering-in-vancouver

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Reminds me of one of Michael Harvey's designs but mixed with Albertus. Is this a font or custom lettering?

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Most likely custom. One-off signs like this were still mainly a hand craft in the 60s. The P and the R are relatively wider than all the other characters, suggesting the designer was drawing inspiration from more than one alphabet.

The P and the R are close to Friz Quadrata, but that font wasn't designed until 1973, so if this sign really dates back to the 60s, your hunch about Albertus is right on.

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