kerning classes problem

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I am trying to introduce a class-based kerning to my font, using the technique from this tutorial:

I defined a few classes and pairs. (See my code.) but nothing happened - they weren't applied. The only message I get is:

[WARNING] Glyph class @FLSFNT8733 redefined [C:/Users/boris/Documents/FontLab/Studio5/fontlab.fea 3]

As i saif, my font compiles correcty, bu the pairs aren't applied. Help.

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update: I tried to kern my font the normal way - again it didnt work! Everything looks good in the sample panel ( that dialogue that opens from a icon in the opentype features panel), but the effect is not visible anywhere else

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A basic error:

"The name of a kerning class must start with an underscore (e.g. _a)."


"Each kerning class and each metrics class must have exactly one key glyph defined –this is done by following one of the glyph names in the glyph definition by the quotesingle (') character. The key glyph acts as a “representative” of the class."

PS If you use a .fea file/format, it should be something like this:

@_a = [ a aacute ];

NB the double space after the "a".

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what double space?

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The line should read...

@_a = [ a  aacute ];

...but HTML collapses extra space characters unless they're escaped (as in &nbsp;) or inside of a <pre> element.

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