Recommendations for dealing with font problems in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

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I have updated the Font Family Naming recommendations to take into account problems with accessing fonts in extended families when using Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac. The updated recommendations are available on the FontLab forum:

The shortlist of changes is:
1. Do not style-link across weights different than 400 and 700 (i.e. only style-link uprights with italics unless the weights really are 400 and 700).
2. Disable the previously enabled Option “Use the OpenType names as menu names on Macintosh”.
3. Disable the previously enabled Option “Use PostScript FontName as FullName on Windows”.
4. Manually remove name IDs and (Mac Preferred names).

The short rationale of changes is: modern Mac OS X systems and Adobe applications on the Mac use the "Windows preferred" ( and The Mac preferred names are not used except in Word 2011, which uses them badly: in the Format / Font dialog box, Word 2011 uses the normal Windows names ( and but in the Font menu, Word 2011 uses a strange mixture of normal Mac names ( and and of preferred Mac names ( and If normal Mac names don't match the normal Windows names, then styles disappear randomly. If the preferred Mac style name ( is different from the normal Mac style name (, then the same font is listed twice under different names. If normal Mac names match the normal Windows names, and there are no preferred Mac names, then Word 2011 lists the fonts the same way as Word 2010 on Windows would do (i.e. using styling groups with up to 4 styles) but at least this works consistently. Most or all other Mac and Adobe apps will still use the Windows preferred names, so the typographic grouping will still work there.


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