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Font similar to this calligraphy


I'm looking for a typeface that is similar to this lettering I found, done by Teucer Wilson.

Something with that broad nib contrast, flairing stems and hand-made feel, yet stability. It's for a tombstone, for my friend's brother.


Found here:


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Check out Adobe Sava.


Looks like many of the original pieces done/inspired by Hermann Zapf, along the lines of Optima.
And it really bears no resemblance to Jovica's font Hrant, other than it is calligraphic.

It's a little far afield, but Boatbuilder might be worth a look:


Michael, if I died, you'd have no reason to be here.


No, just pointing out your ignorance.

And never anything else, is my point. My 12-year-old isn't this petty.


Nobody is being petty, just calling you on your lack of ability to see. Once again you have gone nasty and yet you want to be the victim. Poor you!
It is odd that you claim to be an expert and yet missed the clear resemblance to Optima, and the hand drawn forms that Zapf is so known for.
Britain's carvers are not as disgusted by hand-wrought forms as you are.

I just finished an article on British cutters. Teucer... student of Kindersley, influenced by who else????????????

Hmmmmmmm. Wanna go around again?

Whoops, your bad.

Optima? Don't remind me! I'm still trying to forget that over-the-hill hag.

I have never claimed to be an expert at painted type (or anything else, really). And whatever expertise you might have you should use for more than just denigrating me. That's all you ever do here these days, and that hurts you more than anybody else.


For when it was designed, how it was conceived and its enduring sparkle it is better than anything you will ever dream of doing!

Once again YOUR remarks are petty!

P.s. you are not reading any of my other posts. Just the ones where I "call you out."

Denigrate????? Look it up! You really have a victim mentality.

So Michael, Sava is worth striking down but Boatbuilder isn't?



Svenni: I wrote to the carver Teucer Wilson to ask him your question.

His reply: he designs his own digital fonts, but they are not for sale -- yet! In the meantime, he suggests that you check out...

Everything by Michael Harvey
(I'd say to check out Strayhorn in particular.)

Everything by Hermann Zapf (as suggested above)

He said, "I also like fonts like Bodoni Roma, Baskerville, Lithos, Baker Signet, Black Swan, Clairvaux, Torquemada, Edwardian script, Espresso, Rusticana Roman... Trajan, Playbill... I could go on. I guess it’s the design and what you do with the letters that makes them interesting, right? Also I tend to refine and change when I get to drawing on stone, and carving."

Thanks for your inquisitive nature Skylar. It is hard to escape the identity of the forms in this particular piece. Zapf's influence is ever present in contemporary work no matter how much Hrant is unwilling to admit it. Teucer's work will appear in the upcoming Scripsit, DC calligraphers guild. His work there is very much a nod to Michael Harvey.

Of course Zapf has had great influence over the work of others. Including Veljović. In fact the lc "g" in my Patria took some cues from the italic of his International (even if -like Noordzij- I don't think much of his œuvre). But in any case: none of that justifies you behavior.