New Hebrew ligature

An interesting 'discovery'...

The letters alef and lamed can form a ligature. That said, a combination of two characters - alef & lamed. What about one character..... an upside-down.... final pe?

See this old siddur:

siddur-liga.png30.5 KB
siddur-liga-1.png29.84 KB
siddur-liga-A-1.png18.02 KB
siddur-liga-A-2.png18.11 KB
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> ayin vav ligature...

I'm not sure if this was intentional.

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Yes, we know about that; saw that before.
I'm talking about an upside-down final pe; and the final pe is the ligature!

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the final pe is the ligature!

To complete your proof, you still need to show us a final pe from the same old siddur.

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