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Might be a easy challenge for you guys (Font ID Request)

I'm looking for the name of the font in this picture. It is the logo for the Down East Magazine in Maine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Chris


I'm going to guess that this is custom and hand drawn. Look here:

"Fifty-nine years ago, the slim first issue of a regional magazine appeared on selected newsstands throughout the length and breadth of Maine. On the cover, a stylized woodcut of a Maine harbor was topped by a hand-painted logo with the words “Down East” — a reference to the practice of sailing downwind to the east in order to reach Maine from Boston during the great age of sail. The new magazine, which was loosely modeled on The New Yorker, was the brainchild of a Mainer named Duane Doolittle."

I love the type, reminds me of Sunset magazine. There are probably some similar scripts out there.

You might like Mousse Script, based on Glenmoy (1932).

Some more in the same vein: Kinescope (slanted), Cocktail Shaker (the closest I have), Dynatype and Japan