Voila! Paris Metro sign becomes a font!

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Voila! Paris Metro sign becomes a font!

I’ve always wondered why something as iconic as the Paris Metro sign has never been turned into a font, until now. Of course, strictly speaking it’s not even a logo. Google it and you’ll find almost as many versions of it as there are Metro stations – from plain block letters to the most exquisite Art Nouveau.

The example shown here is fairly typical however, and the one I’ve used as a template for creating a font (Paris Metro from Studio K at myfonts.com) It’s bold with a hint of Art Nouveau, which I’ve echoed in the high bridges of the H, M and N, and the top heavy D, G and O. For some reason the original sign has only one cross tie on the T, and I decided to retain this little quirk, although I could see no logical reason for the inconsistency.

Aimez vous the finished result? It should be great for any design project to which you want to add a strong gallic flavour!