Any idea as to what font this is?



I’m pretty certain this is a custom logotype. I’m sure the local font-hounds will let us know if I’m wrong.

I’d be willing to bet that it was strongly influenced by, if not derived directly from, Eric Gill’s Joanna — very popular with lifestyle magazines, especially after Martha picked it up (although now MSL is no longer using Joanna).

— K.

I sure couldn’t find it. It looks so real, though. But, given that it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site or, it appears, anywhere else on the magazine cover, I’m inclined to agree. Similar fonts include Jeunesse and Stone Informal.

Custom job, and Kent is spot on about the Joanna influence. Rookledge’s was no help, except in pointing out the similarities with Joanna in most of the characters. uc S is quite different, all lc characters except f and r can be customized quite easily starting from Joanna by chopping off serifs and flipping/mirroring parts.

If you want a similar feel without having to go through the customizing, try Rotis Semiserif.