LA County sticker: almost familiar, but is it digital?

Saw this beautifully utilitarian sticker the other day, and each of the typefaces looks familiar, but a little off. The first style feels like a Futura Condensed Bold, and the second style feels like a Futura Demi or similar, but look at the lowercase 'g's - they seem to have a vernacular humanism that can't handle the geometric demands of a true Futura. Do these letterforms have a digital corollary? I can't help but imagine that they only exist in a forgotten sub-basement machine shop of a County building somewhere in downtown LA. The apparent News Gothic at bottom seems appropriate for Joe Friday types, and the apparent Futura numerals at lower left feel like Arnold Schoenberg at a Pacific Palisades pool party. Can someone point me to digital versions of these, and if not, then directions to the LA County print shop?


Whatever it is, its roots lie in Metro.

Beautiful. That lower-case g! Thanks!