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Please view Jardin Galerie on-line invitation for this event here :

and their Fundraising Site for artists, sponsors and friends here :

Please join them with your own concrete and/or abstract expression
of Sea Life. Contribute to their cause to give a strong voice to
children. Celebrate with them as they work to fulfill the mission
of Jardin Galerie and :


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Alessandro Segalini


All of the children who have exhibited with JG
will be making drawings and paintings on the
theme of SEA LIFE and I would like to invite you,
my personal friends who are artists, to make a
piece of art for this event as well, based on the
same theme for exhibition on line and/or at
Sothebys Auction House here in New York. Sotheby's
has been very generous in giving us their main
lobby at a reduced fee for one night only for
this special event. I will show and photograph
as many of your artifacts at Sothebys as I
possibly can. All works of art sent to us will be
shown on line. If you can photograph your work
and send us a jpeg ahead of time it would be
helpful. If you do not have enough time I will
photograph it when it arrives here in New York.
Please pass this information along to any other
artist that you know and respect who you believe
may be interested.

Any kind of art will be accepted: Drawing,
painting, sculpture, photograph, lithograph, &c.

John A. Hiigli

SEA LIFE evolved out of my attempt to organize
children's art work at the french american
preschool (Le Jardin a l'Ouest) around themes of
interest to young children. It really began with
Exhibition #7 in May of 2003, which featured
ANIMALS drawn and painted by children from 3
years to 13. We were surprised at the great
variety of animals that children knew about:
dogs, rabbits, tigers, birds, beavers, unicorns,
bears, horses and many other examples of animal
life on the land today. In addition we saw many
examples of fantastic prehistoric creatures, We
also saw examples of sea life (see Max and
Nicholas from the after school group associated
with PS 87 and other West Side Manhattan schools
known as For Art's Sake.

This gave me the idea for an Exhibition
featuring SEA LIFE, which opened the following
spring with several groups of child artists from
Hungary, from Le Jardin and from The Children's
Art Carnival. From the Art Carnival we received
extraordinary collages in the manner of Beardon
of individual fish and varieties of other sea
life and coral found near the ocean's shoreline:
fish swimming under water, fish jumping out of
the water (in one case nearly into a fisherman's
boat), etc. From Le Jardin a l'Ouest we saw an
assortment of beautifully colored fish swimming
alone and in schools including a bee fish by
Simon. From Hungary we received a number of
interesting sea vessels and a great variety of
imaginative sea creatures, including: sharks,
penguins, squids, crocodiles, star fish, whales,
a green fish growing flowers on his/her back, a
fish shaped like a stringed instrument propelled
by twin helicopter blades, a red-white-green flag
fish, and a fish taking the shape of a question

These exhibitions demonstrate the great
expressive power of children's imagination when
focused around a theme that they know and are
naturally interested in.

As adult artists we consider the great seas in a
different way than do our children. We are aware
of the importance of the sea for our survival as
well as our pleasure. This year we learned all
too vividly that as the sea gives to us she also
taketh away. By joining together with children in
working around the theme of SEA LIFE we can focus
our creative energies around the beauty and the
mystery of a powerful aspect of our lives that
touches nearly all of us in some way. At the
same time we can make a contribution to those
who have suffered from forces of nature that can
be at times difficult to fathom.

The benefit art exhibition/auction Sea Life will
donate a portion of its proceeds to an
organization attempting to rebuild in South East
Asia. It will also focus our attention on the
efforts of children's arts organizations here in
New York and overseas who believe in the power of
children's art to express love, knowledge, hope
and joy !


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