Matching for to Emigre's Eidetic Neo


An odd request. I know the font, hoping to pick folks brains about a substitute. The for is from the Emigre typehouse

The italic lowercase version is troubling a client and we're looking to find an italic face that would be compatible with Eidetic's roman face. Normally we would hand adjust the roman as a hack, but the font's lower case "s" is too distinctive (and it would be a tone of work).

Any guesses or recommendations?


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What's wrong with the Eidetic italic? Too swashy? Too dark? Too wide? Is this for text? Maybe re-phrasing the question... What font looks like Eidetic that you can look at for an italic?

Courtesy links
Eidetic Neo regular:
Eidetic Neo italic:

I agree with you, J., probably the Design forum is a better place, I just went sort of auto-pilot with my post.
Anyway, regarding Eidetic, the OT version of it has an alternate (plain) |s|: