Please ID this Sans Serif

If someone could please assist in identifying this typeface? it's quite similar to House Industries Chalet series...

Many Thanks...


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Can't find an exact match. Can be wrong but looks like a custom job based on some kind of Helvetica-like font. I would probably start with Helvetica Bold, recreating /w (ascenderless mirrored /m), /h (mix of mirrored /n and /f), /a (/d with a reduced ascender - note its ascender is not horizontally aligned with the next /n, what probably could accredit the customization) and /t (mirrored f with pulled up middle bar)
Same vein, probably effortless but not matching: Chalet, Parangon, AG Schoolbook, FF Schulbuch

It looks like a mish-mash of all sorts of things that don't fit particularly well together.

Couldn't agree more Nick - it's kinda hideous but our client only has it as a jpg and we need to use it across a range of things... (and they're not prepared to change to something else) I suspect it's a free-font from the murky depths of the interwebs but thought someone might have seen it somewhere..

thanks both for your help.