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Hello typopeople !
I'd love to get your feedback on this typeface. Any Critiques are accepted & welcomed

Thanks by advance

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Something interesting for sure.
But you should use the Edit link to move the thread from the "Type ID Board › Solved IDs › Sans Serif" section to the "Critique › Sans Serif" one.

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Thank you riccard0
post updated !

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First impression - decent but sterile with a not a lot to differentiate it from all the other fonts out there. The big question, and unfortunately one that I can't answer, is what do you want this font to communicate? Fun? Quirky? Cold? Precise? Haughty? Morbid? Easy? Simple? Plain? Complex? Right now it doesn't seem to have a voice and it leaves your creation lifeless in my eyes. But it has, I think, potential once you find out how or what its supposed to communicate. Hope this is helpful.

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