Alaska Airlines Retro Fonts


I am trying to reproduce two old logos from the Alaska Airlines. I am looking for the two fonts used in the two attached logos.

I haven't found anything suiting on my font library yet. If you know a font which comes pretty close or is the exafct one let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Only to start the discussion as I wasn't able to find any similar, even loosely.
I like Nordic Narrow for the first one and Romeo Giulietta for the second one (even if outlines would need to be cleaned up).
For the second one, there'd probably a way by considering it as a mix of fonts. Even if it sounds odd, I would probably start with Bauhaus (mainly because of the /S), redrawing almost everything starting from this base. I like also Tipografia Ramis fonts (mixing them).

Hello Ryuk,

thanks for your input. Nordic Narrow is getting close to the first one, but needs quite a few alternations. I had Hobo Std. on my mind too, but it's not close either. I guess its a custom font?

Bauhaus and TipografiaRamis for the second one look quite good. A few minor changes and it should match quite good.

More input is welcome! :)

Thanks once more.



just another inquiry regarding the Alaska Airliens retro font. I am looking for your input regarding the font used for this text.

I've already tried using the different online recognition tools. But the results weren't too satisfying. Plastik Bold seems to come pretty close. The shape of the 'A' and 'S' give me some headache.

Thanks in advance!

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The shape of the 'A' and 'S' give me some headache.

I experience the same condition when prima donnas waste the forum's time…


Christian, don't mind Nick.


I'll do so. Thanks :).

If I have done something wrong, I'd aleast like to know what! English is not my mother tongue, mabye I didn't express myself correctly.

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OldNick is Typophile's resident bear with a sore head. He's got problems and takes it out on everybody else. I don't know why he labelled you a prima donna when all you were doing was asking a perfectly reasonable question.