I’m hoping this will be an easy one because the typeface is so distinctive.



IF it is a typeface, it’s most likely been customized.
Check Normande Italic for similarities, but notice for
example the extravagant shape of the lc ‘z’. The
dotting of the lc ‘i’ by the tail of the lc ‘y’ is quite
nifty, I must say.

the artwork/design is by Paul C. — England.

[if you want to know about his work — let me know. i’ll contact him]

David Hamuel

the artwork/design is by Paul C. — England.

David Hamuel

would love to see more of his work! :-)

thanks yves, thats pretty close, but i’m sure there is a typeface closer to this one as i’ve seen it used in other designs.

that would be good david, ask him what typeface he used. ;)

has he got a website? i’m a dj and have always liked the paperecordings sleeve designs, would be good to see some of his other work.

i’ve been comparing it more with normande and checking out a few similar typefaces of that era. it has a very distinctive “z” and i haven’t been able to find many other typefaces which are similar.

if it is normande as yves said it has been heavily customised ie. the uc “C” and “P”, the “a”, “z” and “n” etc. also normande italic has more of a slant than the logotype characters.

the other instance i’ve seen the typeface used the uc “H” and “S” had serifs that curled into dots. unfortunately i don’t have an example at hand, i’ll have to check it again.