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Whitney Museum Membership Calendar

This has been the 2012 calendar mailers from the Whitney museum. Cute round i dot and double-decker a and holy cross t.


You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "Solved IDs" section up to the main Type ID Board.


This could be custom for these print pieces, might be the work of Rebecca Gimenez & friends, W/---, We Have Photoshop. It lives somewhere near Calibre/Metric, Neuzeit, AG Schoolbook, Futura, Graphik.

Any thoughts, typophile community?

I just emailed Rebecca Gimenez with the question. If she responds, I'll post the answer here.

Rebecca Gimenez just wrote me back. Her kind response included some helpful info:

"The typeface is called Gross and was designed by Mike Gallagher of We Have Photoshop (same person who designed Joseph, the typeface we used in all our ads)."

Here's a link:

She said the font is not commercially available, but anyone interested in licensing it should send an inquiry to Mike Gallagher through his site.

So Reid, you were right. ;)

nice detective work, Skylar, and thanks, Rebecca.