Numerals from early 2oth-century wall clock design

I’ve seen this numeral design on a number of old clocks (this one is IKEA, but I own a Crate and Barrel one that’s virtually identical), but I’ve never seen the numbers anywhere else. Anyone know where they’re from?


Don't you mean early 21st Century?

No, they’re 21st-century clocks, but they’re imitating an older design, I’m sure.

That must be WannabeHipDorkmeister-Medium.


That must be WannabeHipDorkmeister-Medium.

Keep in mind, this is a clock face.

I don't know about you, but I find that when the hour hand of a clock reaches the ring of numerals, it makes it hard to tell which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand. This is especially true when the clock uses Roman numerals, as the minute hand blends into the I's.

Not only does this clock use Arabic numerals, but the numerals are (or at least seem to be) designed to stay out of the way of the hour hand. Why else would the 10 be compressed like the 10 in a deck of cards? Not that this is not done for the 12, as there is no need. And the numerals seem designed to be as big, bold, and easy to read as possible within reason and within the limits of this design constraint.