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pseudo-century gothic

Hi everyone
I need you help because I really can't find this exact font and my client is going nuts on me. And besides, I kinda like it :P
Does anyone recognize it?
Thank you!


You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "Solved IDs" section up to the main Type ID Board.

thank you!

If I clearly remember, this is an exclusive typeface made by Terminal Design for Vogue and called "Vogue Avant-Garde". It mixes Avant-Garde and influences from (light weights of) Futura (pointy /A, /N, /W...). OL Round Gothic is close too (as Century Gothic you've already found).
I like Graphik and Platform even if I assume they can't be considered as similars.

Thank you Ryuk, you helped me both finding the font and providing a good excuse not to listen to my client...!
I like Platform too u.u