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Hello everyone,
this is my first post. I just read and enjoyed a couple of threads and thought this might be a good idea for me as well. And I’d like to show you what I’m working on right now. I have some issues with my design because it’s so hard for me to make a decision to my letters M, N, K and W. I’m showing you the dilemma on the bottom of this post, so you know what I’m talking about.

I’d really happy about some feedback because I have actually no exchange to this and I got no idea if it’s good or not. So every opinion is welcome and … yeah, thank you!

Enkle means simple in danish even if I’m not danish but I meet a nice girl from Kopenhagen as I started designing this font and she taught me the language a bit. At this time there were just the Caps and I liked how “ENKLE” characterized the font how I wanted. My inspirations for this font come from industry, harbour, road-signs, eastern europe, the russian “i”, machines, wine- or apple-boxes, etc.

There is already a light (very light, close to thin ;)) version but I haven’t worked on since months so I show you sometime later maybe. I’m looking forward to finish it as a multiple master with light, regular, bold.

There is actually no Spacing or Kerning yet. I don’t feel ready for this.

and here is what I told you about:

ah, and I forgot, I already designed a concert-flyer back in ’11 using my font.

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I, for one, like the “caracter” version of |W|, but you should taper a bit the bottom inside sides of the “stumps”.

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Very nice! I agree with Riccardo about the W, and I think the same can be said for N and M. As it is now, the corners circled in red here:

look as though they are pointing in, so could do with some optical compensation.

I like the serifs an i, j and f. I think the eszett and cap eszett would benefit from having serifs on the left bottom too.

You need to be decisive about where to round corners - the 'character' version of K, for example, has slightly rounded terminals but the points on the arm and leg are sharp.

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I like it too. I think the spine of /s/ could be better less steep.

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I agree with the above; the funky versions are much more interesting. Did you already try to a lowercase /w/ the same way?

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Oh wow, thank you. I’m glad you like it.

So here we go …
bottom stumps slightly tapered
And the arm and leg of K slightly more rounded (it already was. But not enough. Yes.)

Trying serifs on eszett. I like it.

Made the spine of /s/ a bit less steep.

and yes, I tried the same way for lowercase /w/ already. But I’m not sure, yet. Do you like it?

I will now spend my friday night with punctuation and additional characters :)

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I'm kind of wanting the cap eszett to do this sort of thing:

though less exaggerated.

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I think this is a pretty nice mix of conventional elements and funky ones - good job! Like the "n" is pretty normal, but the "y" is novel, without however being showy. And yes, go with the funky caps for sure.

The "g" (which, I don't know if you realize, happens to be very Danish*) needs a bigger gap between the head and the join. I would also think some more about its ear.


If the funky cap "W" has splayed sides, maybe the "M" should too? BTW I'm not sure about using those funky structures in the lc. My gut feeling is no (although as alts they'd sure be great).

I would flatten the top of the "t".

The "3" is quite nice!

I can't agree with Dave about the eszets - in fact I would remove all the serifs/bars, except maybe the foot one in the lc.

I meet a nice girl from Kopenhagen as I started designing this font

For some reason that happens quite often! :-) Then you have kids and they start inspiring you.


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Thanks for your sketch, Bendy. Never saw a versal eszett doing like that, looks interesting. Maybe I’ll try out later, but I’m actually fine with mine :)

hhp, oh man, you made my day. I didn’t know I drew a danish /g/, but I’m very happy!
I’m already approaching your advices. Thanks a lot.
But remove all the serifs, really? This hurts. I think it’s important for it’s industrial charm. Makes it rougher, though. I get the feeling of an old wooden box or conex here.

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After all I decided to make Enkle Sans and Enkle Serif :)

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