Chinese Typeface Simulating Roman

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This is just a display face,

not the serious attempt to develop a new paradigm for Chinese characters that I remember seeing somewhere from Adobe, but it's the first one I've encountered in this category after losing that one even so.

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I have no idea what it means, but I absolutely love it. The letterforms are delightfully playful: it makes me want to learn Mandarin…

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"New" is relative. I think this sort of display style has been around for decades now. I can't speak for the Chinese characters, but a similar approach to the Korean alphabet looks quite dated (70s?).

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Second line, fifth character from the left: that is ONE HAPPY GUY, whatever the hell the ideogram means. IMHO...

Anyone know the Chinese, Japanees and Korean characters for "I love fonts"?

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Chinese — 我爱字体

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By the one happy guy did you mean "算"? Well, it means "compute, calculate".
In Chinese(Traditional), "I love font" is "我愛字體".

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Oh, and in case you wonder what "Shi Yi" means: it's 饰(decoration) and 艺(art). Well, I don't know what they exactly mean when put together, but you get the idea...

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