Book title font

This should be an easy typeface to identify but I haven't come up with an exact match yet.

This was used in the 70's for the titles on some paperback books published by New English Library. The closest I've been able to come is Century 725 Black by Bitstream.

With only the small three letter sample (I couldn't find any other samples of the same face) it's been a bit difficult using the type identification tools available on the web.

The things that make this not quite Century 725 Black are the arm in the center of the F having a bit less vertical flair in the serif and the thin stroke on the X passing through as one continuous line instead of being offset on the left and right. Also the serifs in the sample appear to be a bit thicker.

Thanks for any help.


Wichita Serial XBold is close but still not perfect. I found it on WhatTheFont when I submitted the sample. The serifs appear to be a bit heavier, the curves for the counter of the O at the top and bottom aren't as rounded (a bit more angular), as are the area where the heavy stroke in the X meet the serifs (in the sample there is a curve but Wichita has a sharp angle).

I've set it aside as the fallback typeface if I can't find the original.


This one is turning out to be a bit of an anomaly. Is there any chance that where the serifs join (brackets), the image has 'filled in' and become rounded. I'm wondering if it's more of a Bodoni style font....

.... or shall I just shut up and get my coat !!!

I went back at took a closer look at the source and you're right, the brackets are bring filled in and becoming rounded in the sample. The join is sharper and angled like in Wichita Serial XBold in the original source. I'm a bit more partial the rounded brackets as I think it looks better but this does make Wichita a more perfect match. My apologies to Herb VB for not considering this in my reply to him.

From my research on the web when I was looking up SoftMaker it appears that most if not all of their typefaces are knockoffs of typefaces from other foundries. Would you happen to know on which font Wichita Serial XBold is based? I had looked at several Bodoni variants (Bodoni Poster in particular) but could not find one that seems a perfect fit.


Before I posted the Softmaker font I looked as much as I could for whatever it is/was copied or cloned from, but was unsuccessful. I suppose it's possible that Softmaker/B&P/Brendel/etc. incorporated some changes to the fonts they copied that made them unique.