please help me! wedding invitation help


I'm trying to make my own address labels for my wedding invitations & I can't find good fonts, for free, or very cheap!

I would LOVE thee fonts or something VERY similar! i know some of these are repeated, but I figured it might make it easier.




Have a look at the Script > Calligraphy and Handwritten sections on <strong>

i have. haven't found too much I really like.

Amanda, I *think* he's suggesting that not because of the quality on that site, but because you specified cheap or free. For quality fonts offered free by their creators, you might take a look at this page:


Like for those invitations, have you found good paper that's free?


what do you mean "good paper that's free"?

I know my chances of these fonts for free are slim to none, but even if I knew their names, & if they were some what a decent price, then I would buy them.

Here, ordered from cheaper to pricier:

Have you checked out the fonts Parisienne or Amelie font?

I guess the work of Kimberly Geswein would fit your needs with fonts in the same vein as these wedding invitations with prices from $5 to $9,5. She also provides many (a lot actually!) as free fonts.
You could also have a look to the work of Magpie Paper Works, Emily Conners, Laura Worthington, Måns Grebäck ($5 fonts for personal use).
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