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Hi everyone,

I need to pick some creative brains here. I need a logo for Medi Mexi which is Mediterranean and Mexican grill combination. Anyone willing to come with a killer idea? design has to address cultural differences, sustainability, fresh, and good food.

I also add my very poor design. please take a look at it and if you ant suggestions please feel free to tell me.


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Welcome to Typophile.

From your comments ("my very poor design") I assume you're not a graphic designer, so I'm going to suggest that you consider hiring one. Establishing a visual identity for a restaurant is more than just coming up with a logo (although that's important, of course), it's also developing an attractive menu, a web site, advertising, signage, etc. All these things should be professional, work well together, and should reinforce the image you're trying to project. It will be money well spent to get some professional assistance.

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What James said. BTW a good logo doesn't need colors -and certainly not textures- to do its job. Although choosing one good color (in this case I'm feeling teal) for the overall look of the place is key.

BTW if it's not too late I'd change the name to MedMex.


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> if it's not too late I'd change the name to MedMex

But does MedMex sound medical?

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But does MedMex sound medical?

Maybe “Mexiter“ ;-)

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Maybe you're right. But what about ClubMed? :-)

Maybe “Mexiter“ ;-)

Or a combination of metaxa and mezcal. :-)


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In a way a medical sounding name could also be associated with healthy eating.

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> But what about ClubMed? :-)

Yeah, but that's a well-established name that was created prior to the huge proliferation of medical companies using "med".

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I think you might do well to explore something a bit more subtle. The treatments and fonts feel a bit too stereotypical to me. The basis for my branding work is always a thorough briefing, digging deeper into the business, what makes them tick, etc. It also includes a demographic study of the target audience. From that point I narrow down the central essential messages the brand should communicate and begin word association and sketching. Usually this leads to dozens of ideas, which can be evaluated and iterated. Without seeing that process it is hard to say if this is successful. However, I would not be too interested to eat at a place with this logo, as I would expect medium quality food prepared quickly.

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Guys, keep the brain storming coming... I love this. You guys are full of ideas and knowledge. Anyone would like to take on the design project for me or suggest me a good designer? (branding expert)

MedMex : was available but it sounded as a medical company and there is a medical company in Mexico. So I gave up on that name.
ClubMed: is also a hospitality company name... http://www.clubmed.com/cm/jsp/clubmed_welcome.jsp

There is an article I found online calls for a Medi-Mexi Salsa... Foodies I believe are using this name already.

I will probably keep the Medi Mexi Grill as the name of the venture.

Keep the brain storming coming please....


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great thoughts.. I will be targeting Chipotle customers. I wont be using the logo I posted. It was the first thing came to my mind. Any suggestions?

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Hi James!
anyone in mind? please forward the info... thanks ;)

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MediMexi, I'd suggest looking for someone local (or within driving distance), if possible. It's much easier to get a sense of "is this the right guy?" when you meet them in person. And if they're helping with signage, you want someone who can visit your restaurant, tape mockups in place to see how they look, meet with your local sign contractor, etc.

You can find designers by doing a google for "graphic designers [city name]" or similar phrases,. If you have friends in the local business community ask if they have recommendations.

Meet with several candidates, look at their portfolios, discuss what you need, and ask them to prepare estimates. When looking at their work, look for projects that are similar to yours and ask if you can contact those clients to see how the projects went.

On low-budget projects, college design students are a possibility, but remember that they may have limited real-world experience, especially when it comes to dealing with vendors (printers, sign fabricators, etc.)

Another possibility is to work with an out-of-town designer you found via the internet, which is increasingly common these days. Once again you should check out their portfolio, references, speak to some of their clients, get a written estimate, etc.

And remember that you get what you pay for. Hourly rates can vary but their bid is a reflection of how much time they'll spend on your project. The low bidder isn't always the best deal. :)

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Geography can be a benefit, but it can also be unnecessarily limiting.


I will be targeting Chipotle customers.

Do some guerrilla exit-polling to see what people who eat there don't like about it.


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I eat at Chipotle sometimes. Like the food. Wish the servings were a bit smaller & cheaper though; I can never finish one of their burritos in one sitting.

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I ate @chipotle all the time. NO deserts just WRONG.... :) I got to have my desert after lunch/dinner

@James, I totally agree. Their portions are huge. That is the main reason I usually order two soft tacos. It is not any cheaper...On the other hand their charge too much for Guacamole...$1.86 seriously??? some people eat a whole lunch at mcdonalds for that price.

@Hrant, I will do that ;)

Thanks y'all for the great advice and showing me the direction ;)

medi mexi grill

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You're right about the lack of deserts. Also the decor is rather plain.

Mediterranean and Mexican -- not sure how you design a restaurant's interior to combine those concepts. Do you ever watch Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network? I enjoy the restaurant makeovers.

If you want a more upscale look (both in graphic and interior design), you need to visually suggest those regions while avoiding the stereotypical cliches.

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