Need Help identifying this fat/thin typeface please!

Hi! im not really sure which typeface family this belongs to (the "Distincion" and the "panaderia")...
but can someone please help me identify what typeface this is and which family + era it belongs to?
need to find this typeface and other similar typefaces..



You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "Solved IDs" section up to the main Type ID Board.

"Distincion": looks totally custom to me, /i and /t look like they could have been created with the right half part of /n, the all thing manually slanted. The only possibly original letters could be /c and /o (which looks too much slanted comparing to the rest), /D and /s look hand drawn to me. The easiest way would probably, if you know the origin of this sample, to ask directly to designer in charge of this design.