"Armored Core" font(s)

Hello there! I'm trying to find out a few typefaces from the PlayStation game "Armored Core." I had no luck when looking it up on my own, so a friend suggested posting here!

Loading screen

Menu titles (possibly same as loading screen?)

Income and Expense Report screen

If anyone could tell me the typefaces, or even just suggest ones that are especially similar, I'd highly appreciate it! Similar open source/free typefaces would be preferred.

As a bonus, could anyone identify either of these as well? I thought I'd have more luck with them since they're from such a popular series, but I only ever found results for the main title's typeface.

Any help would be appreciated! Sorry if this is really obvious stuff to someone who knows more about it than me, but I'm really no good at identifying serif typefaces apart from the most obvious ones!


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Oh, whoops! Sorry about that. Still learning the ropes of the site.

Loading Screen and Menu Titles must be http://Century OldStyle (Bold)

"Income and Expense Report" is similar to http://Cheltenham (Light) but is not an exact match

Ah, thank you very much! You're right about Cheltenham not being an exact much, but honestly it's close enough for me!

Since so many people make the same mistake, it's a design error, not a user error. Not all solved IDs are placed in "Solved IDs," so that section is questionable at best.

I don't know how flexible is the forum software regarding user-rights, but a possible solution is to:

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The most usual error I noticed on new users is to post an ID request in "Type ID FAQ and Posting Guidelines" section which will be totally avoided if the above rights scheme is possible.
This will also save a big deal of Riccard0's time for sure, which so patiently inform all new users to move their topics to the correct section ;)