Help with Font

Can anyone tell me this Uncle Vanya font?


Only similars unfortunately: [[|IFC Hardball]] and [[|Batak Condensed]]

The general typestyle is known as Mansard (the serifs look like mansard roof-lines). The "E" is likely to have been introduced.

These are not exact matches, but are similar and typify the form:
[[ Davies' Mansard Extra Bold]] (he has nothing thinner).
[[|Red Dog Saloon family(FontMesa)]]
[[|57 Rodeo (Baseline Fonts)]]
[[|Helvin Black (Type Revivals)]]
Mansard-Normal (NovelFonts/Photolettering). No internal attribution.

By the way, [[|this image]], without the 'extended' overprint, was pretty easy to find.

- Herb VB