What font is this please? I don't think it's Courier New but it seems similiar.

If you need more samples let me know. Many thanks for your help.


Not from your image, which is very fuzzy, but from other sources, it looks like Century Schoolbook (Monotype) or Century Expanded, from URW, Bitstream, or Elsner & Flake.

Found with a bit of googling, resulting in finding this image, which seems to use the same typeface: 1977 Eurovision Song Contest

- Herb

Yes it is from the contest. Thank you! Can we decipher which one it is exactly?

Can we decipher which one it is exactly?
Probably not. The fine details may be obscured by the blurriness, and it's only caps—a small subset at that. All the links I posted are to MyFonts, where you can go to the glyph pages for each font and compare them yourself. Personally, I can NEVER tell the difference between major foundries' versions of the same font, unless they have something like a unique ampersand or significantly different OpenType features.

- Herb

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