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Identifying Typeface in Logo

I am looking to Identify this typeface, can anyone help, it would be greatly appreciated.



Probably a unique design; possibly based on College Contour, by Dieter Steffmann - It's the font with filename CollegeC in the downloadable zip file. Here's what it looks like:

There are many other similar 'collegiate' style fonts, some identified as 'outline', some as 'contour' and so forth.

Thank you for your help, I have been looking up a san-serif typeface in "old school" and "outline" but I could not find anything to the exact details, -the octagon shape is right but this one is still san serif.

-Is the typeface you have displayed the original of the download? I assume you altered it? Is that right? I downloaded this and it was a serif typeface.

Also the "s" and the "AE" are not the same

I tried looking again, Machine, was the other typeface that was suggested to me..


I don't know where you're seeing any serifs. The zip file that downloads from the link I posted (click on "Download T1") contains three versions of the font, each with .pfb, .pfm, and unnecessary .afm and .ifm files.

The image is from that font as I downloaded it.

There is no "AE" in your sample. There is an E and and A, which were tied together graphically as a custom creation done with the rest of the logo creation process (which might have included a customized proprietary font).

Machine is one of many similar base fonts. There is no published version of Machine with an outline; Here is the text with such an outline artificially added.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Steffmann used Machine as a base from which to create his College fonts.

- Herb

Yea the link is giving me a serif typeface. It makes no sense to me...

Already having a font with the same name installed would result in your system's using the installed font. As would a corrupted font-cache, etc. Can you post an image of what you're receiving (do a screen capture )