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Looking for this font for a friend. Anyone know what it is?

A friend of mine is wondering what font this is, and asked me to try to identify it. But I'm stumped as to what it is, so I thought I'd post here. Does anyone here know what font it is?


I think this is a mix of 2 different fonts + some decoration?
The first one must be http://Abaddon by Dave Nalle (Scriptorium fonts)

I'm not sure about the second one, but it could be http://Minion Pro (Medium Cond Display)

Thanks, I'll check those out.

All of the above will be true, but there is a readymade font named Metal Macabre by Bolt Cutter Design-Industrial Strength which does all this …

Good call Rainer! I never thought it could be a single font ;)

Thanks, Fivos. I gathered sometimes before all fonts which were based on/shared similarities with Abaddon at Dafont …

Many thanks for helping out with this! My friend will be thrilled now. =) (He thought I'd forgot about it. lol)