An Inspiring Script by Jessica Hische

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This is not a direct type ID, but I am hoping I can get some thoughts on an existing font that has similar properties.

I'm working on an identity project for a local emerging fashion designer and after having done a cursory evaluation of her brand, I'm on the hunt for a font to pair with it. We are going for old Hollywood with a modern and fresh twist. Jessica Hische is one of my design idols and I happened across a book cover she did and the look of it fits perfectly - if only she extrapolated this into a font!

Looks retro
Still very modern and fresh
Very clean
Slightly feminine

Paired with the hand-drawn feel of the dot on the "i" along with the other illustrative details, it really puts this look spot on for what I'm looking for in a font.

As a starting point, can anyone think of a nice script font with a similar aesthetic? I'm open to non-script suggestions as well as long as it has that right mix of modern and retry. So far, I already own Almibar Pro, but there's parts of it that I fear might be unusable.

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based on the style of Magic Hours you may also like:
Young Baroque LET (Letraset/Linotype)
Berthold Script (Berthold)
Avalon (Font-Bureau)
Adagio Pro (URW)

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Thanks, fvilanakis. Those do have an old school vibe. I'm hoping for something that has a fresher, more modern feel to it, though.

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Have a look at Emily Connors Work, as well as the scripts by Laura Worthington

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