Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Cake Toppers Monogram Swarovski

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Those are stamped metal letters availble in two sizes, and not a font. A heart and an ampersand are also available. That said, it would not be difficult (or illegal) for someone to create a caps-only (maybe with small caps) display font.

- Herb

That's the best Swarovski could manage? Sheesh.

I'd rather use Odile:


Hrant - I don't know the terms of the Kontour Type Foundry's EULA, but I'll bet that it was much less expensive for Swarovski to design their own cake topper metal letter than to license Odile (or any other appropriate set of initials). I'd also imagine that the constraints and economics of metal fabrication played a big part in their design considerations.

- Herb

Sure, Odile might have been too expensive. But good taste isn't.


Thank you for your help!