Help with 80's type fonts

Can anyone help with identifying any of these or if possible names of something similar. Have looked for hours but cant find exactly what im looking for. Needing this 80's type look. Thanks.


Most of them -if not all- look like custom lettering, not fonts: if you look at the same letters (/a's, e's, l's, O's) they are all different.

"elastica" Similar: http://Brush BQ by Berthold

"Dirty Looks" similar: http://Smack LET or http://Ruach LET

"SCANDAL" similar: http://Permanent Marker by Font Diner (Google Web Fonts)

"Dirty Looks" similar: Streetbrush

Similar 1980s feel: Still Time

I was starting to think the same thing after looking closer at them. Awesome suggestions though , Thanks.