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I've been working on this typeface for a while now, and am looking for some feedback regarding the proportions. I'd particularly like to get the widths of the characters right. It isn't optically balanced yet (the verticals and horizontals are equal) and the line ends are the default semi circles for the time being. I'm not sure what else to really say about it; I suppose part of the aim is to experiment with spacing and texture, though I'm treating it as a formal exercise for the time being as I'm new to type design.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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I like the |R| and curvature of the |S|. That being said, compared to the rest of the letters, |S| is definitely too narrow...
|M| and |N| seem same width - I assume that's intended, but would it loose anything if the |N| was a bit narrower?
Legibility will be an issue with such chunks of letterforms being cut out. I see no apparent problems with most of the letters, but I think |O| is confusing and the |Q| is totally wrong (it doesn't look like letter Q at all, those two glyphs (|O| and |Q|) if placed alone on a sheet of paper, wouldn't be recognized as letters I'm affraid). I assume you try to avoid any descenders, that's why you made |Q|'s tail fit close to the baseline and thus making the main part of this letter smaller than the |O|, but it may look awkward.
Try to find a way to justify the size of the gaps, look for example at the |X| or |Z| - why are the gaps different there?

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Actually I think the Q works quite well. The O is a bit off though, could be a tilted U.

Is there going to be a lower case?

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Something interesting here. I would work on the gap between some letters. The one on rounded one are too short (R,P) compare to the one on the stems (W,D). To me the I seems an underscore T and the Q is a bit too small. Keep going.

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