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Hey guys :). This is my first font, i'm not the most skilled person on fontlab, but i gave it a try, theres still some issues with kerning and probably spacing, but one of the issues that is bugging me a lot is the choppinness of the font and size when using it in Illustrator or Photoshop (test run). Any advice's are welcome. If needed i can supply the .vfb files.


Thx in advance.

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Kerning is waaay too tight.
All descenders are chopped off - is this intentional?
The choppiness can be minimized by doing two things:
1. In Fontlab, while editting a glyph, hit Ctrl+A, right click > Hints > Autohinting
that should improve on-screen quality
2. Select a proper anti-aliasing mode in PS/Illu in the Character window (usually crisp or sharp works best)

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Please put up some renderings or a PDF.


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