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Script/Calligraphic font in Chocolate and Tea image


I'd like to identify the script/calligraphic font used for "Chocolate" and "tea at three" in the graphic at the top of the page. A different designer created this logo 12 years ago. By the time I took over as committee chair for this event, no one could even remember who designed the event logo, much less the font.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,


Here's the image, in case you don't want to visit the link.

Hi Anne,

If you look at the details the 3 a's, 4 t's, 2 h's, 4 e's are all different, so I could be wrong but my opinion is this is not a font but just a custom logo/drawing.


I was hoping it was a font with alternate glyphs, or at least a font where someone had manually modified a couple of the letters. :-(

Not a match, but <strong>Emily Connors has done some nice work.

EDIT: Just as a matter of interest, check this out.... <strong>Betsy Dunlap

Emily Conners' work is definitely worth of interest (Peoni, Bombshell, Jacques & Gilles, Carolyna...). You could also have a look to Magpie Paperworks and Meddon (by Vernon Adams).
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