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Font downloaded from the internet for "Assassins" game (not a video game), maybe horror or gothic

Hi, so I'm in charge of running the assassins game for my residence this year (it's a real life thing, not a video game or anything, you can probably look it up if you want) and I have to make promotional posters. The place has quite a strong sense of tradition so it would be best if I could use as much of the original fonts, posters, etc as possible. Anyway, to do this they gave me all the old materials they had, including last year's promotional posters however they neglected to give me the special font they used to make them, which is a problem as I need to update them for this year and I'm having trouble contacting last year's guy. I know he got them off the internet, possibly from dafonts.com, but that's as much as I know. Any help you could give would be hugely appreciated, thanks!


Hm, and have you checked dafont?


I have, I looked all through the horror section, and a few others. I was just hoping someone here might know where it comes from and could save me some time since other than looking at everything they have I'm all out of ideas.

Okay:) Well, the solution is up there in my first comment.

Awesome, thank you so much. It's funny, the guy actually thought it might have had blue in the title so I searched that and nothing came up since it's all one word. Oh well, thanks again!

Dear Angryblue,
Are you expecting people to actually pay attention
to the fact that the different color means it's a link?
Look at the font. You need a sledgehammer. Like so:
LINK ---> http://www.dafont.com/angryblue.font?fpp=50&text=ASSASINR