Fonts for Peter Hughes Burns Foundation


I mistakenly posted this originally in the solved sans area and I hope that a moderator sees this and removes the other.

I have been asked to do some graphics for the Peter Hughes Burns Foundation as it seems that the person who did the original work is not around. I was given some rough raster drawings, which I decided to convert to vector, so that I have something to work with.

I copied the graphics fine, but am having trouble identifying the fonts and wonder if somebody could help me?

The first one is on the main logo, found on the website on the top left hand corner of the page:

The second is on this graphic:

Blessings and thank you in advance for your assistance,
Roger Barnes


Hi Roger,

the main logo looks like old, good http://Helvetica Narrow
and "SURVIVOR" must be http://Boris Black Bloxx free font by Manfred Klein


I found them using Find my Font -

Many thanks Fivos,

I really appreciate the help, I am not experienced with Find My Font and did not have much luck with getting it to recognise them.

Kind regards,