taking basic glyph set into bigger unicode set

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I have a font I'm working on, basically all I have is upper and lowercase, figures, some puncuation. Now that I'm just about happy with these glyphs I want to expand the set. I have noticed that none of the empty glyph spots have names anymore in names mode. What I basically want to do is take my glyphs together with their metrics info, and I guess kind of paste them into blank font file with the basic latin 256 standard unicode layout.

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Are you working in FontLab?

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Yes, Fontlab.

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Have you tried saving (save as) the existing .vfb file under a different name and then changing the relevant metadata in the new file? Alternatively you could choose different encoding options until you find what you are looking for in terms of characters.

You might find it useful to look at the PDF code charts for Controls and Basic Latin (range 0000–007F) and Controls and Latin-1 Supplement (range 0080–00FF) which can be found through the Unicode Consortium Code Charts page.

You might also find the posts below useful:

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From your description, I guess the letters in FontLab's Names view are all showing up (with blank names) clustered together at the bottom, and the yellow-labelled cells showing glyph names are currently sitting empty?

If so, you can just highlight your glyphs and drag them onto the proper name cells using the mouse. You can even do them in batches as long as the consecutive target cells match up with how the glyphs are currently ordered...

You can do the same thing in Unicode view to make sure their codepoints are correct as well.

(The above at least works in Windows, I assume it does under MacOS as well.)

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