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type for historic Italian company name on a tile.

Wondering if anyone can place this type used on a ceramic or possibly metal tile from Italy? The text says Italian Fratelli Andreoni Azienda Agricola Roma which translates as Andreoni Brothers Agricultural Company Rome. The way the x-height bars cross the verticals on the A and E is very distinctive, but I can't figure it out myself so any help is very much appreciated.


Strangely enough, I myself used a similar font, modified, about 100 years ago on a cd cover, see this link: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7825/2308/400/Front_coveronly.jpg

but I no longer have the font on my computer and can't remember figure out what it was. Its wider and the A sides are different, but the bars crossing the verticals is similar so maybe they are related somehow.

For future reference, post like this should go on the main ID board.


Yugyug, that font you used 100 years ago would seem to be Insignia


As for the Italian metalwork: it's easy to find Art-Deco-inspired fonts that have SOME of those characteristics, but I don't know about finding a single font that has them all.

Casablanca has the through lines and the round O, but not the distinctive R

Mark Simonson's beautiful Mostra Nuova would be good for setting the word "ROMA" at the bottom of your photo. Mostra even has the triangular crossbar.

An example of a font with some Art Deco characteristics:

And if you want to spend a few hours poring over a thousand other fonts like that, a search on myfonts.com for "Deco," "moderne" and "geometric" turns up a TON of possibilities (though I wouldn't expect any exact matches)...