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Got milk?




It's not [just] that this is juvenile, it's that it has nothing to do with type.


Nanny state, the state of being dependent. Got milk?

Just a reminder hrant, you forgot to comment under dezcom's post.
Not much type there either?
Keep it real.


There's a difference between making a non-typographic post and starting a non-typographic thread. Now, you could have pointed out my reaction to Paul Cutler's thread as being inadvisably nice. But that still doesn't make starting this thread OK.

BTW, anybody who believes voting matters very much needs a nanny.


Fair enough, but I think if you take a good at the world's countries whose citizens are truly oppressed, are truly kept down by tyrants who simply fear the power of democracy then perhaps you might appreciate your right to vote a little more.

But then again perhaps not, perhaps you believe in a all-powerful dictatorship.

Apathy is not an option.


@n. Ack! Not another sig!! You do realize it just makes for longer scrolls, and actually provides readers with no information. We know your name if we click on your profile (Paul and I have already had this discussion). Or, you could change your screen name. In the old days, it was considered polite to use your real name, and it often resulted in people taking you more seriously and giving greater respect. Food for thought.

(I neglected pasting my entire profile here as a sig, even though it would save you a click ;)

Evil tyrants are easy to get rid of. But when everybody believes in a hopelessly corrupt system, the suffering just goes on and on. Not medieval-torture suffering, but the suffering of being livestock.

I don't vote because I care.


Don't give me any crap that it matters who's president.


Give those guys, those guys who developed an idea into an empire, give 'em a call and ask them how they feel about watching Obama redistribute their wealth.


Ask the guy/gal who fought tooth and nail their whole lives, paid with their lives, for their yearly earning to rise above 250k ... ask them how they feel about being under pressure for earning to much money!


With one hand you want to celebrate all that is great with America - with the other hand you want to slap 'em with a plan to take their wealth.

One day you're thanking your lucky stars for living in an awesome democracy and the next day you show respect for those went off to die for your liberty by saying you care to much to vote.


Let me see if I can wrap this up ... sit around and take money from those who are successful and then sit around some more on election day.

Crazy times indeed.


"watching Obama redistribute their wealth"

Obama didn't invent taxes.

Uh... politics, great!

However, do not be trapped in a discourse, which you are!

If you want to criticise, know at the same time that Obama is a MODERATE democrat judging by the spectrum of politics from redistribution on one side to a simple “guardian state” one the other end of the scale. This compared internationally to present time and as well to the USA throughout the history of post 1945. And then discuss on that basis.

sit around and take money from those who are successful

This is the imaginary foundation of your upside-down world.


My discourse begins and ends with the Individual ... and NOT the with the 'Collective'.

From most everything I've seen coming from Obama (including the 2 years he squandered majority in both the house and senate) is that he is of the 'collective' ... and seems to have a complete disdain for the what and why America is/became the greatest nation on earth.

America is NOT a 'collective' ... it's a nation of individuals with far reaching rights for and of the individual ... it's NOT a nation of far reaching rights for and of the 'collective'.

I don't want anybody's money given to me. As an individual I want to earn my worth ... therefore I want a government to represent the Individual. Lay out the environment whereby I can create my wealth. Do you guys even understand the difference?

Obama creates new taxes simply to redistribute the wealth of the successful individuals.

This election is about The Collective vs. The Individual.

So ya ... of course America appears upside-down to you hrant and to all your redistribution socialist guardian collectives.


Don't assume I'm a socialist. In fact I'm a monarchist.

Stop blaming individuals (including Obama, Romney, or whoever else). We do live in collectives (AKA societies, including one big one on this planet - America, shmamerica), and collectively we're ruining everything. The first step is admitting it.

This election is about the same thing every modern election has been about: fooling the peons (including you) into thinking they have a choice so the rich can get richer.


"I don't want anybody's money given to me."

Then you need to find a nation that has abolished the concepts of government and taxation. Somalia might bit be a good place to start.

Monarchy is the stuff of tabloid content and worth nothing more, one scandal after another ... LOL! But it's the democratic Individual owns those tabloids ;)

Small business entrepreneurs are individuals and take risks as such and not the collective. It's the small business which is ultimately the economic engine of America. Hopefully some of these individuals will see their business grow into an empire!

And your collective will gladly strip the individuals of their hard fought gains, won't they? One new tax at a time.

Got milked?


Who removed the original post?