Kerning Classes Stopped Working in All Files

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I've upgraded Fontlab to 5.1.2 and my Mac to 10.8.1 and (now?) no kerning classes are working.

Existing files have stopped working; existing sets work for only the main glyph, and new/fresh attempts fail as well.

Typical sets look like this for my existing file left-side classes:
_VW_L: V' W Wacute Wcircumflex Wdieresis Wgrave

This had been working perfectly for the last few years of development.

So I've tried this:

• Make a new file with only A, V, and W
• Drew new shapes in each (no copy, all new info and shapes)
• Built a kerning class called _V with _V: V' W as the class
• Went to Kerning Mode and typed AVAWA
• Dragged the second A towards the V

The A is closer to the V as I moved it, but the third A doesn't move closer to the W

Expanding the kerning classes fixes the missing pairs, but with errors so I cannot output successfully (and I shouldn't have to flatten to get this work, right?).

All existing classes do not work for previous files—so I'm a bit out of sorts.

Did I forget something? Miss the obvious code marker? Argh!


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Try inserting…


…into the compiled kerning feature code, occasionally.

If the number of kerns gets too long in this table, they don’t all work, and the A_V is where it breaks down.
At least, that’s what I recall from a similar issue I’ve come across in the past.

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Thanks, Nick. The problem isn't with any particular set or class, it's all classes, in all cases now. The _V class was just a test example where the class had a set of five, for a total of five pairs in the entire test font, and it still failed.

Flattening out isn't what I'm after as I cannot check any class kerning for accuracy for diacritics or like-style glyphs—which is the point of class kerning. My final projects have been successful with 50,000+ pairs, no errors; now that effort is not working.

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Perhaps a stupid question, but in your metrics window do you have 'class kerning' rather than 'individual pair kerning' checked?


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agisaak = genius

Whew! I'm so relieved I don't care that I look nuts. After years with this program, you'd think I'd know 'bout that switch.

Many, many thanks. I'd hoped it was just something I did.


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