Knowledge needed

Hi every one.

I'm trying to identify this one without success a this point.
A tip would be super appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


I assume you're looking for the font that "Silver Brown" is based on?

Yes, sorry, I didn't mention it.

Candidate # 2: Patron (free for personal use)

Of course neither of these is really satisfactory! Yes, they have the "sigma" E, and some of the streamlined feel, but little else. The R seems closer to Gill Sans or Humanist 521. And the B reminds me of Savigny. I wonder if this was based on a single typeface, or is a deft combination.

Edit: I just sent the question to Mark Sloan, the designer, who is based in Amsterdam. If he answers it, I'll post it here.

Call me crazy, but there's quite a lot about Chennai that looks at home in this logo...

Well, Christian, here's our answer -- from the talented man who designed the logo, Mark Sloan, of Anomaly, in Amsterdam.

"Hi Skylar, thanks for the kind words.. I really appreciate it! It was hand-drawn, just sketched out and then traced in Illustrator."

BwahahahaHAHAHA! (Joke's on me.)

Hi skyfein,

Sorry for my late reply, I was out of the town yesterday.
Tank you very much for all these informations.
All fonts mentioned have similar features to the original design.
I'm gonna see if I can catch what I want from it.

It's an amazing design from Mark, especially if it's hand written.
Big up !

Have a good one


I will add Panefresco as a sans with a similarly constructed |E|: