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There are SkyFonts waiting in the stars
They'd like to come and meet us
But they know they'd blow our minds
There's a SkyFont waiting in the stars
They've told us to download it
Cause they know it's all worthwhile
They told me:
Let the children use it
Let the children rent it
Let all the children boogie

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Too much Bowie in the morning, man… Whoever came up with the mug-at-a-time percolator was a genius. Need a cuppa fuming tea.

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Thank you Simon. That's hilarious; you made my morning.

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Every time I go by a furniture rental store I'm reminded that I'm fortunate to not have to shop there. Same goes for every time I see a new font rental store.


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Yes, “the cloud” is in the sky, but News Corp got there first (at least in the UK, Germany, Italy and New Zealand) with Sky TV, so I was surprised by this brand name.

Mind you, Cloudfonts sounds like a rainy day.

’scuse me…

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Then, there was MySkyFonts, then MySkyPiFonts, and finally, MySkyHiSiiFiPiFonts.

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