Copy data from one character to another.

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In professional uppercase-only fonts like Trajan, lowercase character slots are filled with their uppercase counterpart. That is, typing in lowercase in Trajan still produces uppercase type.

Having completed an uppercase font in Robofont, is there a quick way to copy the glyphs, their spacing, and their kerning pairs to the lowercase characters?

I really have no skill in Python, which is why I'm coming to Typophile for help instead of the Robofont forums, which only provide answers way over my head.

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If you consider yourself a beginner, why go for an exotic tool?
Check out FontLab's "Paste Special".

BTW: Professional, shmrofessional. Making two identical cases is a wasted opportunity.


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Robofont is an exotic tool? I find it much more user friendly than Fontlab, but maybe that's me.

In any case, if you want the "lower case" glyphs to be composites of the Upper case, you can just click the "A", hold shift, click the "Z", to select all caps, then choose Edit>copy as components. Then use the shift method to select all the lower case glyphs and then paste.

Jason C

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Another way is to assign multiple positions to the same glyph.

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@jasonc @ Té Rowan Thanks guys. Those both work for the glyph itself and its sidebearings. Is there a good way to copy the kerning pairs and values of a letter?

I could put the UC and LC characters in groups together, but then I'd still have to re-enter all the old kerning pairs with the new group names.

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