Half Price Offer on Oscar Bravo Font

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This fun face is based on the International Phonetic Alphabet - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc - and would look great on sci-fi games, film and book covers or anything with a technical or military angle. Available in Regular, Italic, Blank and Blank Italic from Studio K at myfonts.com at a 50% discount this month

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How is this based on IPA? Did you mean the "NATO Phonetic Alphabet"?

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A can o' worms, man, but I tend to call it Interco meself, since that is only three syllables.

[Bad link] – This is but one source of info. Very certain quadibloc has something, too.

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You're right. I just checked it out. Apparently the really correct name is the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. I knew there was an 'International' in their somewhere! Sorry for the confusion, but you can see how it happens!

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Great idea!
But rather heavy for any eco effect :-)

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Reminds me of the CLOWN letters in the second poster here:

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