World of Warcraft-font! Image attached.

The font is being used in most things in the image linked.
- The chat in lower left corner.
- Fire Elemental text in middle.
- Cho'Gall text to the right.

I've been looking for the name of this font for ages. At first I thought it was as simple as Times New Roman but it doesn't look the same when I use it.
Also, might be noteworthy. the "^" letter is kind of small. Might be of significance or not. :)


Chat in lower left looks like Souvenir

Oh awesome fast response.

I tested the fount Souvenir and it wasn't the correct one. ^ was not the same and some other letters stood out. ê also became k for some reason, might just been a bug though.
Here is another screenshot that may be with bigger fontsize.

I've tested out Times New Roman, Centaur, Palatino Linotype and Souvenir so far and it wasn't any of them.

Check this out. Different versions of Souvenir have different sized carets (that what I'd call this character ^). Check out the carets in these two versions of Souvenir...

Top one's small, bottom one's much bigger. I suppose it's possible that the developers are using a customized version of Souvenir, one that isn't commercially available and has special characters for precise needs within the game.

Thank you for being persistent, it was actually a different type of Souvenir!

Here you can see a comparison, pretty god damn good. (Upper name is the Souvenir font I downloaded now compared to the cropped name of screenshot I linked before). There may be a slight difference with the caret positioning or I'm imagining things, but that is nothing I care about.

Thanks a lot for the help, never thought I'd find it. :)

Awesome. You're welcome!

(Now I see -- you were talking about the circumflex over the e! "Super esoteric terms" for 500, Alex...)

When you say "downloaded", do you mean for free?