Letterpress Posters from 1860

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I have around 20-30 Letterpress posters and want to start identifying the typefaces used. If anyone has any ideas about how I can find out about identifying typefaces from the period 1860-1910 that would be very useful. Here is one example

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If you just want to know what the names of the typefaces are (loads probably don't even have names/have never been digitized) then I am of no real help. But if you want to find fonts that are similar (and can be used for modern designing) then the first thing I would check is Walden Fonts for anything close to that style. They have a good selection of those old-timey display faces; and while they may not be exact matches they will be somewhat close. There are plenty of other places


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There's a bunch of type catalogues on the Internet Archive, mostly from US foundries, if I recall correctly. These may be of help for IDing.

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