side project:


This is my sort of fun project that I started recently with a friend. Basically a daily glyph design blog.

I'd love to have some of your feedback on the design and how to make the blog better.



giangnguyen1111's picture

Oops, I totally forgot the URL:

Andreas Stötzner's picture

after viewing an E glyph for about one second I seized to venture when being forced to “sign up” …
Is this intentional?

riccard0's picture

There's some kind of javascript that force to "like" it.
That's not cool.

hrant's picture

Thanks for the warning, guys. Didn't click.

Giang, the idea might be interesting, so please fix that.


giangnguyen1111's picture

really? I have no idea and no one really mention the force liking thing before. Can someone help me with a screenshot?


riccard0's picture

Mmm... Now it doesn’t seem to do it anymore. I experienced it with Firefox on Windows, but now I’m on a Mac. I don’t know if it could be system-related or it simply vanished.

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