Vintage Type - Where can I find these?

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I have a small graphic with an assortment of vintage typefaces right here:

Since they are so old I don't know if they are still in commercial print, but if anyone can tell me what they are (or were?) AND if there are any modern counterparts or look-alikes, that would be very helpful to me!

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Oh, crap. I posted this in the wrong place.

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For future reference, post ID requests on main Type ID Board:

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Upper right is also labelled: Basuto Condensed.

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Upper left, available as Patent Reclame

Only one left to I.D.: middle top.

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Panache Typography/Longfellow-Regular

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And that's a wrap.

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The one identified by Skylar as Deneane looks like a version of Columbus ( Soon to be revived as Cristoforo (

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Hah, I realized that after I posted it; the forum path confused me. Sorry!

But thanks to you and to everyone who typed these typefaces for me; it helps a ton!

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